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  Dear Agent,  
In line with the latest requirements made by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as detailed in the CAA’s Official Record Series 3, we have amended Agency Agreement, in the link below. The changes of relevance are those that specifically apply to appointed agents of a ATOL Licence holder (Brightsun).

The principle changes are additions to agency terms AST 1.1; AST 1.3; AST 1.5; AST 1.7A and new AST 1.7A2. Please note that these changes are mandated by the CAA and cannot be contradicted, excluded or avoided. These changes are reflective of Official Record Series 3 (a full copy of which is available at

We would like to remind you that it is your ( the agent) interest to retain the written Agreement and be able to produce a copy of it when requested by the CAA. The Agent is reminded that in order for a consumer that booked with the ATOL holder to make a valid claim under the ATOL scheme, the Agent will need to provide the CAA with a copy of the Agreement as well as evidence of when the Agreement was received.

By clicking on in the box, you agree that you have received and agree to this new agreement on the date and time it is clicked, on behalf of your agency and this record would be maintained electronically, to be presented as and when required.

However it would be advisable to download the covering letter with your details as below, and return to us by post or email scanned copy of it, at 
I confirm that I have read this notification on behalf of my agency and notified all concerned.